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'United by our values, we place children and young people first in everything we do.'

The entire leadership team are passionate about providing a blank canvas to do what we believe is the best thing for the students in our care, and as an educator this is such a refreshing approach, being able to put the needs of the children at the forefront of everything that we do. I am able to approach my role with creativity, with support from the Trust, meaning coming to work every day is extremely fulfilling. I am trusted and I know that I am valued as a person and as a professional.

The Trust doesn’t see the people as a finished product, it never wants us to be static, we are pushed to grow as an individual and in our profession and this enables us to serve our students in a way I have never been able to before in my long career of working at many different schools and Trusts.

Steven Langstaff
Assistant Principal - Haywood Academy
Working at the City Learning Trust gives me the opportunity to give children in this area the best opportunity to achieve their dreams, encourage social mobility, and take children on a journey through education. I am a teacher because of the teachers I had, a lot of who are with the Trust now, and working with them every day is a source of inspiration to learn, grow, and be the best I can be for the students.

Nathan Owen
Teacher - Mill Hill Academy
At the City Learning Trust I am more than a Maths teacher. I take on the role as a secondary parent to my students, being there for them to provide not only learning, but support and inspiration too. I want them to see what they can achieve by caring about their education and learning how to apply it practically in their lives. I am able to do this because of the constant guidance, support, and opportunity that I am given which encourages me to be passionate about the importance of my role in their lives and in this City.

Teacher - Trentham Academy
The City Learning Trust consists of a group of people all entirely passionate about nurturing and growing its students and its employees. There is a collective understanding that when the time, care, and attention is given to people to provide them with opportunities and the freedom to grow, you not only get the best out of them, but also out of the students that they are responsible for. The impact that this has over time on the entire City is phenomenal, and I truly enjoy being able to work alongside people whose leadership and guidance is both inspiring and selfless, with a vision providing world class education for children who so often in society haven’t been afforded the opportunities they deserve.

Erin Hill
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Our Professional Growth strategy tells you everything that you need to know about our approach for the next 3 years.

United by our values, we place children and young people first in everything we do.

"It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to the City Learning Trust. Since 2014, we have worked together as a partnership of academies, proud to serve our children and young people across the city of Stoke-on-Trent.

Nelson Mandela once commented that, ‘there can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children’.

We hold to this statement with every decision that we make across the City Learning Trust. We are committed to giving everything, everyday so that our children can be the best that they can be."

Carl Ward
Chief Executive Officer

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