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Understand the culture of the City Learning Trust through our key priorities. We measure our success in these areas through the voices of our stakeholders.

What does CLT culture look like for a child/student?

I work with adults who care about me as a whole person, who consider my safety and welfare making sure that when I grow up, I can have a future that I am in charge of. They’ve shown me how important education is and taken me on adventures that I wouldn’t have been on otherwise. I am respected as an individual and people are always interested in who I want to be and they never give up in helping me to get there. I know I am important. I also know that other people are too and I have been shown how important tolerance and empathy are as it has been demonstrated consistently towards me. I have high hopes for what my future can be and I am excited to get out into the world and live it.

What does this culture look like for a Parent/Carer of a child enrolled at a City Learning Trust Academy

I know that my child is in the right place for them and that they are well looked after and that they will do well. I am entirely confident that the staff at the Academy care about my child’s development and will take steps to support them if they need it, and I know that my child feels safe and that they are confident in their surroundings. I am kept informed of any changes that are likely to affect me or my child and advice is provided on how I might be able to support my child through that change. I know that I am listened to and that my opinions are respected, even if it doesn’t lead to a change that I am asking for.

What does this culture look like for a Staff Member at the City Learning Trust

I am committed to the development of the whole child and I am not a lone voice in wanting this. As a staffing body, this is constantly reinforced and inclusive practice is always on the agenda. I am respected and my professional growth is nurtured within my working environment. I have unique opportunities to enrich my professional knowledge, understanding and practice and I have time set aside to help me work on this. I am clear on the monitoring arrangements levelled at me to ensure that the quality of my delivery is as good as it needs to be for the children I work with. I know that focus in this area is based on the children’s experience and that feedback and support will be provided to help me improve my offer.
The Trust doesn’t see the people as a finished product, it never wants us to be static, we are pushed to grow as an individual and in our profession and this enables us to serve our students in a way I have never been able to before in my long career of working at many different schools and Trusts.

Steven Langstaff
Assistant Principal - Haywood Academy
Working at the City Learning Trust gives me the opportunity to give children in this area the best opportunity to achieve their dreams, encourage social mobility, and take children on a journey through education. I am a teacher because of the teachers I had, a lot of who are with the Trust now, and working with them every day is a source of inspiration to learn, grow, and be the best I can be for the students.

Nathan Owen
Teacher - Mill Hill Academy
At the City Learning Trust I am more than a Maths teacher. I take on the role as a secondary parent to my students, being there for them to provide not only learning, but support and inspiration too. I want them to see what they can achieve by caring about their education and learning how to apply it practically in their lives. I am able to do this because of the constant guidance, support, and opportunity that I am given which encourages me to be passionate about the importance of my role in their lives and in this City.

Teacher - Trentham Academy
I truly enjoy being able to work alongside people whose leadership and guidance is both inspiring and selfless, with a vision providing world class education for children who so often in society haven’t been afforded the opportunities they deserve.

Erin Hill
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Since joining the Trust in 2019, I have been extremely impressed with their approach to staff development and teaching and learning. From the Developing People offer that allows all staff to have a say and choice in how they develop to the culture of improvement, reflection and progression, the Trust is a great place to work filled with great people.

Dr J. Bullous
Director of Science
Choosing to work for the CLT was by far the best decision I made! As a new Maths teacher, it was important to me to receive the support I needed to develop my own subject knowledge and teaching practice. The support I have received has been invaluable.

Miss Michaela Grisdale
Teacher of Mathematics
I started working for The Trust in 2015, I have always held a passion for learning, and this was encouraged and supported as my role and knowledge developed and new opportunities arose. The CPD received has been second to none, with world class educationalists as well as excellent in-house delivery.

Victoria Taylor
Senior Vice Principal, Haywood Academy and City College
I am a passionate believer that education can be the key to unlocking the future, finding a Trust to work in that had the city's children at the heart of everything was essential for me. At the City Learning Trust, I am privileged to work with amazing children and young people who are nurtured by dedicated, highly skilled professionals.

Deb Poole
Director of English
Throughout my career in education, the City Learning Trust has supported me to develop into the practitioner I am today. From the early stages of becoming a teacher, I have been nurtured and encouraged to strive for excellence through outstanding coaching and professional development.

Sarah Hancock
To work within a Trust that supports me as a practitioner by providing high-quality and bespoke professional development, alongside supportive, encouraging and nurturing leaders is important to me. The CLT encourage me to develop my practice, using research, reflection and sharing good practice to ensure the very best for our children and young people.

Nathan Legg
Director of SEND
I feel extremely lucky to have completed my NQT year within Trentham Academy. Support is given to you daily in many forms. I had invaluable support from both my subject lead and NQT professional mentor, which without, my teaching would have not developed in the same way.

Abbie Green
Geography Teacher
Having worked for the CLT for a number of years, I have seen how a driven and focused trust can help every child flourish and aspire to be the best they can be. We take ownership of our own professional development, work collaboratively and share best practice across the schools, the academy ensures we deliver high quality teaching every day.

Sophie Holford
Head of Maths, Millhill Primary Academy
I have really enjoyed my time working for the Trust. It has been a rewarding experience and I can’t fault the help and support provided by the Trust. It has pushed me to work individually in situations and also within a team.

Connor Twentyman
Site Manager, Haywood Academy
At every level within the CLT, you will find someone who genuinely cares. During my eight years at Smallthorne Primary Academy, there has always been someone to turn to for support or guidance. I feel privileged to work for an organisation that values CPD of its staff. This nurturing approach means that teachers are encouraged to continue learning and developing, which in turn has an increasingly positive effect upon the education of the children we teach.

Charlene Bryant
Smallthorne Primary Academy
I have worked across both of the primary schools within the CLT and I can honestly say that all staff are friendly, supportive and approachable. It is a lovely positive environment to work in which in turn leads to a great environment for the children to learn, make friends and be ready for the next adventure in their future.

Philippa Preston
Teaching Assistant, Smallthorne Primary Academy
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"It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to the City Learning Trust. Since 2014, we have worked together as a partnership of academies, proud to serve our children and young people across the city of Stoke-on-Trent.

Nelson Mandela once commented that, ‘there can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children’.

We hold to this statement with every decision that we make across the City Learning Trust. We are committed to giving everything, everyday so that our children can be the best that they can be."

Carl Ward
Chief Executive Officer